• Create Your Life

    Create Your Life

    A pervasive sense –
    dreams are for the Young,
    the beauty of self and life is discovered;
    once older, or Old,
    one is necessarily settled,
    identity rooted, anchored to this path.


    But growing,
    is not living the past in the present.
    Maturing is seeing,
    always, we were meant to be
    artists, creators of ourselves,
    our lives.


    As silver expands,
    – in the beginning, middle, and end –
    visions are the way,


    Youth age, one day at a time,
    Aged age, one day at a time;
    as long as a day remains,
    you have a life, not just to live,
    but to create.


    With each breath
    entertain hope,
    embrace freedom,
    find strength,
    practice courage,
    and create your life.


    – Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus, 2018