• Intern Therapists

    Intern Therapists

    Currently Accepting New Individual Clients
    Telehealth or in person sessions can be arranged
    ( $40 / session Self-Pay ONLY)

    Hello! My name is Laura Gandy.

    I understand that life can be challenging. Using evidence-based and client-focused therapies, my passion is to help you feel empowered and find clarity to know how to move forward and through those challenges. I believe sharing your story with someone is an incredibly brave thing to do, and I do not take it lightly. I am hopeful that together, you will be able to feel whole and worthy to live freely again.

    My main specialty is Third Culture Kids and Adult TCKs. Being one myself, I have a deep understanding and connection to the TCK experience. It can be difficult to express your experience as a TCK to your family and those around you. Especially if your experiences left you with grief or trauma. I extend to you a safe place to process your experience.

    I also focus on Maternal Mental Health Counseling. This is way too often overlooked in our culture and medical systems. As a mother myself, I understand that caring for your child is your top priority. But you are also worth being advocated for as well. I hope we can grow in strength and purpose together as you navigate the complexities of motherhood.

    Offering: Individual Therapy and Co-Lead Group Therapy

    Passionate About Collaborating with People Addressing: Anxiety, Stress, Parenting, Postpartum, Dynamics of Third Culture Experience, and Relationship Needs and Challenges


    Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies (2013)
    Master of Arts in Counseling, Graduate Candidate (May 2021)

    Internship: April 2020 – May 2021