• Maternal Mental Health

    Our vision is to transform individuals, families, and communities through mental health services, by helping clients develop their full potential to live wholeheartedly and positively impact their personal and professional circles. One way we do this is through a focus on maternal mental health, because when one part of a system becomes healthier it effects the rest of the system positively. Women are powerful forces as they love and lead their families (a force that extends beyond the family to their friendships, workplaces, communities, and beyond)!

    Addressing maternal mental health means addressing topics within biological, psychological, social, and spiritual experience. Here are many (although not an all inclusive list):

    • Adoption process
    • Foste Care
    • Getting pregnant & dynamics of pregnancy
    • Difficulty becoming pregnant
    • Shifts in identity & roles at different stages
    • Navigating changing body & hormones
    • Peripartum Anxiety
    • Peripartum Depression
    • Postpartum trauma symptoms
    • Miscarriage
    • Still birth
    • Children with special medical or mental health needs
    • NICU experience
    • Empty-Nesting
    • Loss of a child through any means
    • Complications in birth for mother and/or baby
    • Caregiving fatigue
    • Grief over life and relationship changes
    • Abortion
    • Shame or fear around mothering
    • Step-mothering
    • Mothering when your child has a step-parent
    • Mothering after separation, divorce, or remarriage
    • Balancing personal and professional life as a mother
    • Single parenting
    • Chronic Illness & mothering
    • Unexpected pregnancy
    • Limited support system
    • Mothering during COVID (as if it wasn’t hard enough!)
    • Mothering + {ANY OTHER LIFE STRESSOR}

    And just because that’s a LONG list of the difficult things, let’s acknowledge a few of the MANY beautiful things about nurturing little humans: smiles, laughs, snuggles, teaching, learning, playfulness, curiosity, hope, wisdom, adventures, connection, joy, being adored, adoring them, awe, modeling, watching their development, cuteness, time together, building bonds, creating memories, sweetness, cuteness, their art, imagination,  and let’s just end with SO MUCH LOVE.

    A note about fathering, co-parenting, and caregiving.

    We recognize parenting is a complex experience for all parents and caregivers (not just mothers) - full of delight, difficulty, growth, pain, transitions, anxiety, meaning, loss, joy, shame, questions, identity-shifts, vulnerability, and love. While our team specializes in maternal mental health, each of us would be delighted to support fathers, co-parents, and other caregivers as they deal with the dynamics of caregiving! Caregivers and Nurturers of all kinds are powerful forces as they love and lead their families (a force that extends beyond the family to friendships, workplaces, communities, and beyond)!