• Philosophy


    The MISSION:

    In Process Counseling exists to provide quality mental health services and inspire individuals and helping professionals to engage the process of learning, healing, and holistic growth – more specifically developing insight, becoming whole, and choosing courageous action.

    Our VISION is to transform individuals, families, and communities through mental health services, by helping clients develop their full potential to live wholeheartedly and positively impact their personal and professional circles.


    Professionalism: We practice within our competencies and act ethically – promoting client freedom, benefiting others, avoiding harm, being faithful to commitments, and advocating for justice.

    Quality: We believe ongoing learning and growth are essential to providing excellent services. We are responsible for developing our skills, tools, and ability to be effective as helping professionals.

    Relationship: We honor relationship as central. We hold space for people and offer engaged presence, empathy, connection, and safety. We work to build trust by being trustworthy.

    Respect: We recognize the humanity and inherent value of all people. We withhold judgement recognizing individuals are unique and change is a difficult process requiring courage and many resources. We work to understand and address our own limitations, privileges and biases.

    Love: We act with kindness rooted in a deep understanding of the inherent value of others. We are driven to serve our clients and our community out of sincere love and the belief that we are all connected.

    Holistic Perspective: We commit to viewing people and their challenges from a holistic perspective, honoring the importance and interconnectedness of the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.

    Creativity: We see our lives as something we create. Because we see therapy as both a science and an art, we seek to be open to consider new ideas, try new things, and offer various methods for inspiring change.

    Self-Care: We recognize self-care is vital for professional effectiveness and personal sustainability. We model respect for self by being in tune with and responsible for our own needs. We strive to create our finest lives.

    Integrity: We commit to doing our own work to engage the process of learning, healing, and holistic growth – developing insight, becoming whole, and choosing courageous action.