EMDR International Association

    University of Pennsylvania – Authentic Happiness: Questionnaires

    UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center – Free Guided Meditations

    Mental Health America – Online screening tests (NOT a diagnosis)

    Mental Health America – Understanding Mental Health 

    Trauma Specialists Training Institute with Rachel Harrison

    Resource pages of Eva Voth, LCSW, CDWF of Blue Ridge Trauma Therapy


    Dr. Brené Brown

    Esther Perel

    Dr. Dan Siegel

    Kristen Neff

    The Gottman Institute

    Dr. Becky Kennedy


    The list is long, I haven’t worked up the energy to begin 🙂



    If we are not a good fit for your needs, EMDRIA or Psychology Today are good places to search for a therapist.

    The following are experienced therapists (10+ years in the field) that I know personally and have had the pleasure of exchanging peer supervision/consultation. (*Disclaimer: I don’t specifically know other therapists at group practices)
    Amanda Ruiz*
    Gregg Hammond
    Katie Mount
    Kelly Jacobs*
    Laura Morse*
    Stacy Martinez
    Tamra Miller-Spence*