• Simplest Pleasures

    Simplest Pleasures

    When did we forget
    to enjoy
    the simplest pleasures of life?
    When did we lose our ability
    to be
    in the moment?
    How will we find our way
    back to the things that bring us joy,
    laughter, and wonder?

    Find your way back!

    Discover, or rediscover, one of your simple, life-givers.
    If you feel too far removed,
    the uncertainty overwhelming,
    sit with eyes closed and remember,
    what did your Little Self find great pleasure in?

    For this sweet girl and her Mama,
    it’s bare feet and water,
    fresh air and nature sounds,
    time slowed down,
    a pile of rocks,
    splashes and giggles,
    “More, Mama, More!”

    And camera in hand, I notice
    the details, the features of this tiny human,
    not just alive, but living
    with curiosity and wonder,
    I crave to learn from her, how to go back
    to moments, lived so fully in the present.


    – Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus