• Janine Leaman

    Meet Janine Leaman, BA, MS, MA
    MA in Clinical Counseling     (She/Her)


    After working as a university instructor (teaching English as a Second Language), I entered the counseling field as a second career. I continue to recognize that my experience as a university instructor and my time living and traveling internationally informs me as a person and as a therapist. I consider it such an honor to journey alongside people as they work towards wholeness and hope. The process intrigues me because it seems change is rarely a huge dramatic shift in one moment, but instead, through consistent patience and exploration, new pathways are formed in our minds as we find ourselves viewing the past, present, and future in new ways.

    My own experience in counseling helps me trust the process. Counseling is hard work, but it has given me hope and changed my life! I would love to join you in your own process. If you want to share your story and your goals, I can…

    • hold space for you
    • help you learn about yourself, your patterns, and your scripts
    • examine your choices with you to determine how they help and hurt you based on your values
    • assist you to implement tools to help cope with the difficult stuff of life
    • utilize EMDR therapy to address trauma and other distressing experiences

    While my approach to therapy is integrative and includes multiple theories (i.e. the BETA framework that attends to Background, Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions; Somatic Therapy; and Contemplative & Mindfulness Based Theories), I especially enjoy using EMDR with clients to address their trauma and difficult life experiences. It has been rewarding as we witness together the way their brain works to heal and produce noticeable results in their life. In addition to reprocessing the trauma itself, I enjoy helping clients build internal resources in the preparation phases. Clients are often surprised at how they can see themselves differently and start to engage in new ways.


    • MS in Education with a Concentration in TESOL

    • Professional Counselor with a MA in Clinical Counseling – Mental Health Therapy

    • Fully Trained EMDR Therapist (EMDRIA Approved Training) – Specialized Trauma Treatment

    • LPC Candidate, under the supervision of Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus, MA, LPC, CDWF


    • Self-Pay ONLY: Intake $125, Regular Therapy $100

    A NOTE from Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus, Clinical Director:

    I am sincerely excited to have Janine with us at In Process; there are many ways in which she embodies our values. She is energetic, positive, empathetic, a passionate learner, committed to her own growth work, eager to connect with others, and acknowledges the inherent dignity and worth of each individual. Her unique experiences traveling and living abroad contribute to her ability to approach people with openness and work with them from their own values. Janine began her time at In Process Counseling as an intern and I was ready to offer her a job before she hit her half way point. I’m delighted that she opted to stay on and continue working with her clients at IPC. If you’re looking for a compassionate therapist skilled in joining with her clients to pursue their goals, I would highly recommend Janine.


    Find someone to do your growth work with. You are welcome to contact me with questions, to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit. I would be honored to be part of your process!

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