• Support for Helping Professionals

    Support for Helping Professionals

    Our Mission: In Process, Counseling exists to provide quality mental health services and inspire individuals and helping professionals to engage the process of learning, healing, and holistic growth – more specifically developing insight, becoming whole, and choosing courageous action.

    As helping professionals ourselves, we know helping professionals are not exempt from difficult live circumstances, distressing relationships, mental health diagnosis, trauma histories, and other reasons individuals seek therapy. In addition, there are challenges we deal with directly related to the work we do (i.e. compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burn out).

    Compassion Fatigue: the profound emotional and physical exhaustion that helping professionals and caregivers can develop over the course of their careers as helpers when helpers are unable to refuel and regenerate.”*

    Vicarious Trauma…the profound shift that workers experience in their world view when they work with clients who have experienced trauma…occurs when the stories we hear … transfer onto us in a way where we too are traumatized by the images and details…we then find it difficult to rid ourselves of the images and experiences they have shared with us…Vicarious Trauma is a cumulative process: we are not referring to the most difficult story you have ever heard; we are talking about the thousands of stories you don’t even remember hearing.”*

    Burnout…the physical and emotional exhaustion that workers can experience when they have low job satisfaction and feel powerless and overwhelmed at work.”*

    We recognize the value of building a strong support system that includes family, friends, and our own helping professionals. We want to invite you to build your own support system and would love to be part of helping you maintain your own health while you positively impact your personal and professional circles.

    In addition to Individual Therapy, we will periodically offer the following specific to helping professionals:

    • Group Therapy for Helping Professionals (i.e. Therapists, Social Workers, Medical Professionals, Spiritual Leaders, Coaches)
    • Vicarious Trauma & Burn Out: Self-Care for Helping Professionals (2-3 hour training)
    • Experiential Learning Group for Therapists (To develop skills for therapeutic work)
      (i.e. guided imagery, tapping in resources, writing circle, social circles, burnout, value identification, personal rights, picture prompts)

    *Quotes from Françoise Mathieu, The Compassion Fatigue Workbook

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