• Support & Therapy Groups

    While we live our personal stories with all their uniqueness, when we have spaces to share openly with others we start to encounter the universal in our lives. As we process with attention to both, we find opportunity to connect with and support others even as we learn how to accept support, cope, and thrive during the challenges in our own lives.

    Groups are not run continuously. If you are interested in a group, let us know what you are looking for and we can see if there is a current group that fits your needs. We may add groups when we see a need and there is enough interest for a particular type of group. We am currently gauging interest in groups related to the following, contact us if you are interested in these or other groups.

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    Maternal Mental Health
    Therapy Group

    A place for mothers to address their mental health in the community as they navigate the complexities of life and motherhood - the delight, difficulty, growth, pain, transitions, anxiety, meaning, loss, joy, shame, questions, identity-shifts, vulnerability, and love. 

    Psycho-Educational Process Group

    Explore the following concepts in group therapy through discussion and processing personal experience: Relational Schemas, Empathy, Vulnerability & Shame, Cognitive Distortions, Assertive Communication, Differentiation, Boundaries, Personal Rights.


    Differentiation: Being a Healthy Individual in Healthy Connection

    Lack of differentiation can create problems in our lives, cause distress in our relationships, increase anxiety, and otherwise negatively affect our mental health. Join us to learn how practicing differentiation can lead to more authentic and intimate relationships.

    Vicarious Trauma & Burn Out:
    Self-Care for Helping Professionals

    Group Therapy for helping professionals to promote care for self in the midst of providing care to others. We will address the mental health needs of helpers and the obstacles that get in the way including vicarious trauma, burn out, and compassion fatigue.

    Narrative Therapy:
    Healing & Growth through
    Writing & Examining Our Story

    Explore topics related to your life story and identity. Identify your "problem saturated stories" and develop "alternative story" through verbal story telling and writing (both inside & outside group).